History of the DDR

Berlin WallEast German Shepherds originate from the Deutsche Demokratische Republik or “DDR” (1949-1990). Generations of true “DDR” bloodlines are limited to a span of about, forty years of breeding in the former East Germany. DDR dogs have a strong, solid, lean, muscular body, heavy bone construction and a large massive head. They have deep dark pigmentation and are not as angulated as West German show dogs. These dogs have a strong temperament, great working capacity and are well suited for Schutzhund, police work, search and rescue and many other tasks. Most importantly, DDR German Shepherds have a very low rate and severity of hip dysplasia. The concept is, that of a well-structured, perfectly balanced dog capable of performing at the highest known levels and that’s what we strive to attain.

Patrolling the fence line

From the time the walls went up in 1961, until it came down in 1989 when Germany was “reunified”, the breeders of German Shepherds were limited in their choices of breeding stock. A separate breed registry had to be instituted in the DDR, and the SDG Service and working dogs came to be. In the (DDR) the physical, drive, and mental characteristics and traits of Schutzhund and working dogs were rated by the Wertmessziffer system. In English Wertmessziffer means “measured value number.” Breeders and buyers depended on this 6-digit rating system to provide a comprehensive and reliable method for easily determining the characteristics of each evaluated and rated dog. More on this system can be found here.